El Estudio del Mes


3 comentarios en “El Estudio del Mes

  1. Hola, sobre Galatas 2

    Jesus prayed for me

    At the Last Supper with the eleven Apostles, Jesus said:
    “My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through THEIR MESSAGE….”
    [John 17:20]

    Whose message? Paul’s message? NO. THEIR message. The message of the 11 faithful Apostles, after Judas left the Last Supper. How many true Apostles were “New Testament” authors? Only 3. The Apostles Matthew, John and Peter. (Gospel of Mark is almost like an abbreviated Gospel of Matthew, identical in many places. Some believe Peter was the Primary source behind Mark, since it is fairly clear Peter was illiterate.) Then there is Luke, the Gentile who came along many years later and who must have relied on many other witnesses as sources, including these 11 Apostles.

    Did Paul the Pharisee bring “THEIR message” about Jesus? (The message of the 11 true Apostles that Jesus was speaking to?)
    No – not according to Paul himself. Paul had his own message, his own “gospel.” Paul boastfully stated: “These men added nothing to MY MESSAGE.”
    [Galatians 2:6]

    There in no reason to waste time trying endlessly to “harmonize” Paul’s message with Jesus and His Apostles and say “well it’s really the same message,” when Paul himself says otherwise.

    I take the Orthodox position to elevate the 4 Gospels above the rest of the New Testament. (I give slight priority to Matthew & John). Counting by chapters, Paul’s 13 letters make up 33.3% of the New Testament. Do you think Paul’s letters are more important or less important than the 4 Gospels?

    Me gusta


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